Who we are

Created in 2022, Go.Charge is a company dedicated 100% to electric mobility.

Its objective is to provide customers (individuals and companies) with all the necessary tools to simplify electric mobility.
We have an APP for end customers, a Web Portal for B2B, we provide hardware and installation for end customers (through concessions) and we also carry out larger projects for companies and dealerships. These projects include installing and monetizing electric charging stations and carrying out energy consulting projects.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition due to the vast experience we have in the automotive sector applied to the needs of electric mobility, seeking to perceive the customer to have the solution to their measure, doing it with dedication and in constant adaptation to the ecosystem.


Provide the best integrated charging solutions to facilitate the adoption of electric and sustainable mobility.

To be the first expression (top-of-mind) in the transition to the mobility of the future towards carbon neutrality.

Ambition - We pursue evolution and continuous improvement on a daily basis to always guarantee the highest quality to our customers.​
Responsibility - We assume the sustainability and balance of society and the environment.​
Trust - We base our work on transparency, loyalty and commitment.​
Innovation - We seek to anticipate our customers' needs and develop integrated, intelligent and innovative solutions.

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